Hi I'm Gio, nocode web developer. You may have heard of me as @bestbubbledev.

Over the course of last three years, I've worked on 30+ projects using Bubble. Additionally, I have six years of experience of managing web projects.

I can design apps using Figma and build entire experiences in Bubble. Lately, I've been exploring other no-code tools like Webflow, Framer, Buildship, and Xano. I have experience with APIs, especially in AI, having used OpenAI, ElevenLabs, Flowise, Replicate, and many others.

I'm also comfortable using custom code to enhance no-code platform capabilities, although I'm generally not a coder.

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BMC AI - Email Gen

Bulk email generation

AGI Jesse

Up-to-date market analysis


2 person audio podcast generator


AI powered explain like I'm 5

Speech Translator

Bubble, OpenAI

Language Exchange Chatbot

Bubble, OpenAI

Semantic Search

ElevenLabs, OpenAI, Typesense

Language Free Chatroom

Bubble, DeepL

Voice 2 Voice Chatbot

Bubble, DeepL

Two Sided

Brands Meet Creators

2 Sided Marketplace


2 Sided Marketplace (frontend)

Badassery HQ

2 Sided Directory

Globalisation Guide

2 Sided Dashboard & Tracking

Course Builders

Thriving App

Course Builder & Student Dash

Spatial Learning

Quiz Builder & Student Dash



Idea management dashboard

Eternity Capital

Marketing website


Marketing website


Voting platform

NFT Artist

Portfolio template to list NFT art

Timeline App

Feed to share achievements


Plugin listing platform